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Make me sound like Michael Buble

“Just make me sound like Michael Buble” were my only instructions to producer extraordinaire, Don Koch. I mean, look at all those buttons and knobs and lights and stuff. With all that technology blinking at you, one would think making me sound “Bubleish” would be easy.

Don gave me one of those, “yeah, right” looks, shook his head, and said, “OK, try it one more time…but this time, how about singing in tune?” Producers! OK, Don really didn’t say that…but I bet he thought it.

Unfortunately, Don has not yet been able to figure out all those buttons and lights so I still just sound like, well, me. But he can do amazing things with all that technology, so I’m pretty excited about the NEW CD we’re making. Oh, did I forget to mention that? Yes, I’m making a new CD. That’s right, I make a new CD every 6 years or so…like clock work.

It’s amazing how this new CD came about. Here’s the short version…

A little over a year ago, I received an email from a man named Don Koch. He had found me on the web and saw I had recorded a couple of his songs and sent a friendly email to see if I was enjoying them. I knew his name immediately because he had written many of my favorite songs including two I had recorded on my “Be the One” CD. In fact, Don has written or co-written 38 #1 songs and has won 6 Dove Awards (what a show off).

So, yes, when I received his email, I was excited! But here’s where it gets a bit weird…

A few emails and phone calls later, we discovered that both our parent’s were missionaries in Costa Rica. I was born in Costa Rica. Interestingly, so was Don. We then discovered that not only did our parents know each other, they were good friends. In fact, we learned we had played together as babies in Costa Rica. Wait there’s more…

Don’s family moved to Miami. My family moved to Miami. Don graduated from Westminster Christian High School. I graduated from Westminster Christian High School – except Don is way, way older than me (Don graduated in ’79 and I graduated in ’80). The more we learned, the more we were amazed about all our strange “coincidences.” It was… creepy.

The next thing I know, I’m sitting in Don’s studio just outside of Nashville where we’re writing songs and planning a new CD.

Don with his Dove Awards / Ed with his water bottles

Don with his Dove Awards / Ed with his water bottles

And that just about brings you up-to-date except to say, the recording production phase of the new CD is nearing completion. At the end of the month, Don heads off to Prague where a world class orchestra will be recording some of the music for the CD. Did you hear that? Prague! Is that cool or what!

In the meantime, over the next week or two, I’m going to try and lose about 50 pounds so the photographer won’t have to use a wide angle lens for the CD cover jacket. Maybe I’ll just buy some bigger clothes.

In all seriousness, I am absolutely thrilled with this project. I think you will be, too. The music is beautiful, thoughtful, and powerful and will draw you to Christ. It is such a thrill to be working on this project.

So, do you want to hear a sample?

OK. But please don’t tell Don. Also, please know, this is a very rough sample of the song we wrote called, “Here.” It’s one of the songs that is going to Prague for full orchestration, so the next time you hear it…WOW! The vocals nor anything else have been mixed, it’s just a rough sample of what’s to come. So you are truly getting a behind-the-scenes-sneak-listen.


Let me know what you think.

God bless,

Ed Thompson

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12 thoughts on “Make me sound like Michael Buble

  1. Randy K on said:

    Hey man, that wasn’t fair. I need to hear the rest of that song.
    It sounds terrific.

  2. Your mom on said:

    Very interesting. Good stuff. I like it a lot. Do people read this much, I wonder?

  3. Aunt Margaret on said:

    I think your new CD will be wonderful, just like your others…OH, maybe this one will be better because it’s going to Prague. hummm. I’m glad you’re excited about this music because it’s always good to feel those butterflies. Good luck!

  4. Shannon on said:

    You always sound great!! Your voice is so relaxing.

  5. Y Fernandez on said:

    Can i be your groupie before you become famous? i’ll simply enjoy this special preview as i snuggle with my tone deaf husband, Jorge. i will pass this along;you sound positively inspirational!

  6. Danielle on said:

    How wonderful can’t wait to hear the rest of it.
    Keep on singing you need to share the gift God has
    given you with others.
    Have a Jesus Filled Blessed Day….

  7. Marilyn T. on said:

    Wow, Ed! This is exciting – the snippet of “Here” is really great. The story of you 2 guys, families, Costa Rica is so interesting. We’ll be waiting for the finished product.

  8. Jennifer del Pino on said:

    HI, Ed,

    Great song and story! Congratulations!

    Greetings to you and your family,

    Jennifer del Pino

  9. Sharon on said:

    It has been awhile since the words to a song have brought tears to my eyes, this song is going to touch a lot of hearts and I think replace at least one of those water bottles with a Dove of your own. Beautiful Song Ed!

  10. Marty Heiser on said:

    cool stuff. God Bless, Marty

  11. This is great, Ed. Praise the Lord.
    Praying for you.
    Waldemar and Elfi

  12. Karen Dixon Thompson on said:

    Sounds very Bubleish to me! What a relief to know you are way, way younger than Don since I am the same age as you. Whew. Looking forward to hearing the finished product!

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