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Looking for “Beautiful Feet”

I need your help!

We’re now on the back end of our CD project, so we’re starting to think through various ways to get the word out. These days, you have to think along the lines of utilizing what many call, “new media:” things like YouTube, web blogs, and internet communities like FaceBook. For the over 40 crowd, this stuff seems strange and foreign, but there is no debating its influence and popularity.

So I reached out to a “new media” expert…my 21-year-old son, Matt. Basically, my meeting went something like this, “HELP ME!” It was a short, powerful meeting.

One of Matt’s favorite songs on my new CD is a song titled “Beautiful Feet.” It’s based around the familiar passages from Isaiah 52:7 and Romans 10:15, “…how beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news.” The lyrics begin:

Look around at some people these days
Nippin’ and tuckin’ every wrinkle away
Lookin’ for beauty every single way
Search the world out
Except where it counts

But we all know where true beauty is found
Where ever it goes such joy abounds
It’s easy to find cuz it’s walking around
You know when you meet
Beautiful feet

Big ol’ toes and calloused heels
Nothing very pretty by the world’s ideals
But when they’re bringing (all) the Good News
People dancing in the street
Everybody wants to have beautiful feet

Here’s an unedited/unfinished preview of the song: Beautiful Feet

Matt’s idea is to come up with an engaging “New Media” music video and campaign for this song. His initial idea is a video with camera angles primarily focused on legs and feet going about various ministry and service projects. The camera would follow the feet around and finally, towards the end of the song/video, the camera would pull back to fully reveal what the “feet” are doing: helping people in a homeless shelter, service projects, teaching Sunday School, bringing groceries to those in need, etc.

We then thought how great it would be to learn your “beautiful feet” stories…a short paragraph or two about what you (or someone you know) is doing that’s making a difference in the lives of others. We’d love to publish some of these “beautiful feet” stories, pictures, and even videos on our website as an encouragement to others. Some “beautiful feet” stories could even end up in the music video!

So come on! Help me out. The more involvement, suggestions, and ideas the better! You can email me at or simply add a comment to this blog. So, tell us more about your “beautiful feet!”

Can’t wait to hear from you,

Ed Thompson

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3 thoughts on “Looking for “Beautiful Feet”

  1. Aunt Margaret on said:

    I just thought a wonderful thought! Because my feet are pretty crippled (and no longer beautiful) I visit a podiatrist. Maybe you should market the song to them!! Podiatrists like beautiful feet!!(Just kidding).

    However, my podiatrist gets a yearly card of the bottom of someone’s foot. Each toe has on a little Santa Hat, a face (like a smiley face) and Merry Christmas, or Joy or Peace etc. on the foot. It is so cute! Maybe u could do something like that (but not Christmas of course).

  2. Jennifer del Pino on said:

    Hi, Ed,

    Love the idea and would like to suggest…my mom and her husband (both of their spouses passed away and they – the couples – had been great friends for about 50 years so they married). They are both incredible speakers and my mother, at 83, still pastors a small church in Iowa. Her husband sometimes fills in to give the sermon at her church, other churches, and they both speak at all kinds of events. But not only do they have inspiring stories to tell as speakers, they also continue to be active in helping the Humane Society (my mother started a County shelter about 10 years ago and continues on the Board), providing support for families and individuals in need, etc. They remind me of the energizer bunny – they just keep going and going….doing whatever ministry calls. To say nothing of the prayers they offer up whenever a request is made – whether by family, friend or for a complete stranger.

    Good luck – hope you find many “beautiful feet” – blessings to you and your family as you venture into this new CD.

    Jennifer del Pino

  3. Please let me know when your new CD becomes available.
    I love “Beautiful Feet.”
    In Christ,

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