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Ed’s 2008 Christmas Letter

Strange things are afoot.

My youngest son’s voice is suddenly lower than mine. I have to hold the newspaper at arms length to read the tiny type.  It’s taking less and less time for the barber to cut my hair and some days, I’ll even watch the news over Sponge Bob Square Pants.  And is it me, or does Santa not look quite as old as he used to…

So, with all the extra time I’ve saved up at the barbershop, here’s a quick family update:

David, Abby, & Matt

L-R: David, Abby, & Matt

Matt (21) is starting to believe he may actually graduate from college.  He’s majoring in advertising with a minor in film so eventually, he’ll be able to advertise the films he’s produced.  He seems to come up with an amazing new idea every week and only lacks a government bailout to fund his dreams.  In the meantime, we’ve tapped into his very creative reservoir and are enjoying “Matt the intern” at LOGOI. He’s also the star of our new music video, which you can see at:

Matt’s Music Video Debut

Not knowing what to get him for his 21st birthday, we decided it was time for him to jump out of an airplane. 10,000 feet later, I broke out into a cold sweat as I watched Matt jump out the door.  A minute later, a very mean man pushed me out, too.

While Matt thoroughly enjoyed the thrill of dropping some 1,000 feet per second going 120 mph, I spent the time screaming like Jamie Lee Curtis in a Halloween movie.  Alas, the harnesses held and my doctor tells me my eyeballs will eventually slide back into place.

Abby (18) excitedly became a college coed in spite of my lucrative bribes to stay home with daddy.  She’s amazed how quickly her freshman year is flying by and between sorority functions, working in the intramural department, and Facebooking her million or so friends, has found a few moments to study.

I’m still a bit traumatized over leaving her standing in the middle of the college campus when we had to head back home.  Just to give you an idea, hearing my heavy sobs, the nice taxi driver who took us to the airport looked at me and said, “c’mon man…you’re starting to make me cry.”  I don’t do “goodbyes” very well.

I was pleased to learn, however, that Abby missed us greatly for close to 15 minutes.  She’s making great friends, studying hard, and still very much wants to be a physical therapist.


After winning last season MVP awards for JV football, basketball, and baseball, David (15) has finally landed in high school to the great delight of varsity coaches.  As the starting quarterback for the varsity football team, he helped lead his team to an impressive 7-3 record (winning more games than the previous three years combined).  Along the way he became the 10th leading passer and 6th leading rusher in Dade County (3A-1A).

He was also named an “Athlete of the Week” by the Miami Herald. Naturally, I made a highlight video.  Just click here to watch #13 in action: David’s Highlight Video.

He had a full day off before starting varsity basketball and of course, baseball is on the horizon.  He’s having to learn how to study and do his school work in between games and on bus rides, but he’s determined to maintain his high honor roll status. His work ethic and competitive intensity are hard to match and nothing excites him more than “game days.”

Jenn continues her career as an administrator at our Christian K-12 school, but she’s a lot more excited these days about her new kitchen.  She’s only needed one for the last ten years and has somehow managed to prepare amazing meals with a kitchen and stove built in the 1800’s featuring two out of four burners that worked—on occasion.  So it was with great rejoicing that she remodeled her kitchen into a beautiful, granite laden, cabinet-a-plenty, state-of-the-art kitchen Rachel Ray would be proud of.

For several days, she just stood in the kitchen smiling, turning the burners off and on.  To celebrate, we ordered pizza.

Ed & Jenn

Ed & Jenn

My work continues at the ministry of LOGOI.  A highlight this year was having a LOGOI board meeting in Cuba.  Now that’s something you don’t do every day!  It’s a very strange feeling to stand on a beach facing Miami and consider the danger and trek so many have made to reach freedom.  It is a joy to be a part of helping the church proclaim the Gospel in the beautiful country of Cuba and throughout Latin America.

Another highlight was recording my third CD.  I felt like I’d hit the “big time” when multi-Dove Award winning producer, Don Koch, said, “let’s work together.”And just so you can never say I didn’t get you anything for Christmas,click on the link below for a FREE mp3 of one of my new songs:


“Beautiful Feet” will be released in early 2009…and I’m expecting every one of you to buy at least a dozen copies each!  It’s all original work at an entirely new professional level for me…complete with the Prague Symphony Orchestra.  Nice!

So, Merry Christmas, from our house to yours.  May the love and grace of Jesus fill our hearts and lives.

The Thompsons

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11 thoughts on “Ed’s 2008 Christmas Letter

  1. Mike Alexander on said:

    Nice fam dude! Great to catch up with you all again and I’m looking forward to getting your new CD.
    Merry Christmas,

  2. Thanks for sharing you Christmas letter I truly enjoy reading it. Hope to see you soon, Judy

  3. Dale Smith on said:

    HI Ed,

    Thanks for the letter & I really enjoyed listening to your new songs…I look forward to having the CD in hand !!!

    Gotta get back to tree decorating !!!


  4. Of course, your mother thinks you’re the greatest writer, the grandkids are the greatest ever, your wife is too great for words, and you’re pretty great yourself. Mom of the greatest

  5. Cousin Deb on said:

    hey, i enjoyed the blog as well. even was able to down load the song & listen to it. just needed a crazy face to see as i listened!!!
    thanks for FF that info on to us. the pictures were great & nice to catch up with your family a bit…

  6. David Burch on said:

    Thanks for your Christmas update. Isn’t it amazing how the years slip by and the girls grow up. I am not a grandparent, because those people are old and I can’t be! I would love to talk sometime. Send me your cell.

  7. Ed Brigham on said:

    Thanks so much for including us via link to your Christmas letter. I was so glad to read it and rejoice with you and Jen seeing how your family is continuing to grow and prosper together with your ministry.
    God bless you all this Christmas as we celebrate the joy of our Savior’s birth! Much as we miss family and friends in Miami, we are thriving up here in Georgia. God is good all the time, and we are so grateful for His hand in our lives too. It’s the real deal without doubt.
    Ed B

  8. Oscar Oglivie on said:

    Thanks, very entertaining as usual… lol… I am amazed at David’s
    sport prowess… that guys seems headed to the majors..

    God bless you and your beautiful family.


  9. Barb Huntley on said:

    Ed: Great Christmas letter! I’m not sending cards this year, but since you sent your letter, I’ll take this opportunity to wish you and yours a Blessed Christmas. Barb Huntley and family

  10. Louis Markwood on said:

    Here is our letter for the year – not 13 pages of blog! Ha ha, Ed, we enjoyed them all! Thanks for your memories! Attached is our Christmas greeting! Louie

  11. Pam McCarron Graham on said:

    Re: The Ed Thompson Family Christmas Letter

    “Thanks. That was so entertaining. I loved the description of your parachuting adventure! Have a Merry Christmas!”

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