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“Friday” a hit in Northern Ireland


Hey, wow, I just found out that as of March 28th, “Fridayis #31 in Northern Ireland…just two behind Michael W. Smith’s “Deep in Love with You.”

What’s interesting about this chart is that it’s a Top 40 CCM & CHR chart (Contemporary Christian Music & Christian Hit Radio) vs. the Inspo charts where I seem to do the best.  So it means “Friday” is competing with all the “big” names on this chart.  Here’s what it says on their website:

102.4 Shine FM Christian Contemporary Music (CCM) &  Christian Hit Radio (CHR) Charts – Top 40 is designed to provide an overall picture of the Contemporary Christian music scene.  Rankings are based on a comprehensive calculation using information obtained from major Northern Irish, UK, Irish, European  & Worldwide charts and retailers, as well as Christian airplay, album, download, web streaming charts, Christian Music magazines and new releases. For this reason some entries may not have been released in certain countries. The 102.4 Shine FM Chart is fast becoming one of the leading  Christian Contemporary Music (CCM) &  Christian Hit Radio (CHR) UK Charts and is the only CCM/CHR chart broadcast live in Northern Ireland.Last updated Sat, 28 Mar 2009 20:04:24 GMT

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