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Here Comes Trouble

Ed performing his "menu" song

Last month during of one of my concerts, I had just set up my next number, nodded to the sound guy to start the DVD, smiled as the music and video began to play, and happily began to sing along when suddenly, about 60 seconds into the song, the computer froze.

Everything stopped.

Oh no!  The spotlight never seems quite so bright and the stage is never so uncomfortable as when something like this happens.  I watched the sound tech frantically scrambling to get things working which meant I suddenly had several awkward minutes to fill.

So, I blamed George Bush.

As always, I was thinking back over my program on my flight back home and couldn’t help but laugh at that awkward moment.  I’ve had plenty over the years.  There was the time in Iowa when the pastor suddenly jumped up from his chair, rushed to the stage and grabbed the microphone away from me.  I was stunned to say the least and only slightly relieved when he quickly apologized and asked everyone to immediately rush to the restrooms to take cover from a tornado that had just touched down outside.

I’ve had stage lights explode, fire alarms blast, electricity go out, and even one experience where the church sound man had gone completely deaf (he had bought the equipment for the church and by-cracky, he was going to run it…no matter what).  Now that was an interesting concert.

Life is sure funny sometimes.  What would you say is more correct, (1) Things usually go as planned and expected, or (2) Things usually don’t go as planned or expected.  I suspect most of us would answer things usually don’t go quite the way we had planned.  Of course, that always causes another big question…“Why me?”

I suspect that is why James 1:2 reads, “…WHEN troubles come your way, consider it an opportunity for great joy.”

The following verses in James (after 1:2) explain why we should consider trouble an opportunity for great joy.  The words are deep and powerful and you would be very wise to stop reading this article and pull out your Bible and turn to James right now.

(Are you still here?)  If you are, perhaps seven words by Rev. Steve Brown may be helpful when it comes to the “Why me?” question.  Those seven words?  “So the world can see the difference.”

In other words, “Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in Heaven” (Mat. 5:16) … then the world WILL see the difference.

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