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Warriors, Baseball and Cuba

The Ministry of LOGOI is traveling to Cuba on Monday, June 6th and returning on Friday, June 10th for a short mission trip.  As LOGOI Ministry’s President, I have the joy of taking a small group of travelers to Cuba; including a few LOGOI Board members and even a Westminster Christian student or two.   While my Dad, Dr. Les Thompson is teaching Cuban pastors, the rest of the group will be involved in various ministry events including LOGOI’s “Pigs for Pastors” program, visiting and speaking at various churches and youth groups, helping feed those in need, and joyfully helping churches with outreach baseball teams suit up in style by giving them used but fantastic Westminster Christian baseball uniforms and equipment.

The Westminster Christian Warrior baseball family and friends have a very special ministry opportunity.  Coach Emil has gathered together several large bags full of used WCS baseball uniforms and equipment for Cuba.  As you know, baseball is a big deal throughout the entire island and many churches use baseball as a very effective outreach ministry.  They love the game and if need be, will play with sticks and tightly bound rags because baseball equipment is a luxury most simply do not have. Can you imagine the joy it will be to bring our gorgeous WCS Warrior uniforms along with catcher’s gear, baseballs, gloves, etc., hand delivered for a Cuban church team or two?  What a wonderful, amazing gift!

Here’s the problem: the Cuban government charges very large fees for every pound of luggage brought into Cuba—between $5 and sometimes up to an astonishing $11 per pound.  (These fees seem to fluctuate from day to day and we never know exactly what to expect.)  And as you know, baseball uniforms and equipment are on the heavy side. To that end, we estimate taking in 4 large duffle bags of Warrior uniforms and equipment with each bag weighing between 50 and 70 pounds.

That means each WCS duffle bag will cost between $250 and $770 to get into Cuba.  So…

Would you help make this wonderful gift of WCS baseball uniforms and equipment to Cuba possible?  Specifically, we are asking for your help to cover some of the luggage fees.  And by the way, all gifts made payable to LOGOI are tax deductible and you will receive a receipt for your donation.  Should God bless us with more funds than needed for the luggage costs, those extra funds will be used for LOGOI’s “Pigs for Pastors” project in Cuba.

Perhaps you can help cover one “duffle bag,” maybe two.  Or perhaps you can cover a half of a duffle bag or a quarter.  Whatever you can do will help make a very meaningful, practical and lasting gift of love to our brothers and sisters in Christ in Cuba.  And just think, every time someone mentions Cuba, you’ll think of Cuban church baseball players running around with Warrior uniforms on—and telling others where they came from.  So come on, let’s do this. Together, we can get this done!  Thank you for your prayerful consideration of this fun and very special project.

Please make checks payable to LOGOI. You can give your donation to Emil, David, Ed or even Grandpa & Grandma Thompson.  You can also give online at (see the “Donate Now” button in the upper right hand side) or mail a check to:

LOGOI: 14540 SW 136 St., Ste. 200, Miami, FL  33186.

If you have questions, please call LOGOI at 305-232-5880.

Thank you so much for your partnership.  Go Warriors!

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