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The Ed Thompson Family 2011 Christmas Letter

MATT & LAURA…celebrated their first year of marriage by moving three times.  The national average is to move once every 7 years so they decided to get 21 years worth out of the way right up front. Their last move placed them in sunny San Jose, California where Matt became the marketing director for the San Jose Children’s Musical Theater.  Their move to CA happened so quickly they left their beloved dog, Luke, to live with us while they got settled.  So, our beautiful but brain-damaged German Shorthair “grand-dog” has been living with us.  Other than eating Christmas ornaments off the tree and spending eight hours a day barking at rocks, we barely know he’s here.

While Matt is perfecting his video, graphic art, and marketing skills by helping fill seats in the San Jose Theater, he is receiving excellent training that he hopes will help him open his own firm down the road.  Meanwhile, Laura is trying to hold down two or three part time jobs while waiting for the CEO job at Google to open up.  That means we should expect the latest in fashion from J-Crew this Christmas.

They are thoroughly enjoying getting to know the beauties of California and are earnestly trying to get everyone of their relatives to move out West.  They found a lovely apartment with room for guests while they wait to save up the few billion dollars needed to buy a home in California.  What a thrill it is to watch them grow together in God’s love and grace this past year.  They are setting the bar high for their siblings.

ABBY is in her senior year at FSU in Tallahassee.  While she diligently studies courses in her exercise science major, she recently discovered that what she really enjoys, according to her blog, is cooking. This came as quite a surprise to us because we weren’t sure she even knew where our kitchen was while living at our house.  She prepared a five-course meal for us not to long ago which was so good we’re thinking perhaps she should open a Bed & Breakfast & LA Fitness combo.

To help with gas and grocery money as well as pay for the occasional speeding ticket or two, she has found a great nanny job.  Then, to try her hand at another one of her passions: wearing expensive jewelry–she became a stylist for Stella & Dot.  So in between football games, being a nanny, jewelry parties, cooking, blogging, and trips back home to visit family and watch her little brother’s football and baseball games, she tries to fit in school and study.  Somehow, she’s making it all work and word on the street is she’ll graduate…eventually. She comes from a long line of very remarkable ladies and there is no doubt she will carry on the tradition.

Few things in this life make my heart leap higher than seeing her car pull up in our driveway when she comes home during a school break.  She lights up our lives with her charm and love of life, and love for her family.  There is no doubt God has big plans for her.

DAVID…despite a severe case of senior-itis, is enjoying his senior year of high school.  He is a much talked about young man in our Miami area sports fanatic world. My “David” Google alerts are constantly going off as more and more pundits chime in with their various articles filled with accolades and speculations about his future.  Of course, it’s not all bad.  He didn’t seem to mind meeting a certain famous Westminster Christian alumni and MLB star at his mansion in Miami Beach.  It wasn’t him so much, however.  It was just a bit surreal when Cameron Diaz walked in and joined our little conversation.  We have pictures!  Hence the popular Thompson phrase, “It’s nice to be David.”

He now holds the Florida career Home Run record with 47 (eclipsing Prince Fielder) and still has a full season yet to be played.  He also became Miami Dade-County’s 3rd most prolific all-time yardage gainer with 8,301 total yards and 86 touchdowns during his high school football career.  His hard work has been rewarded with being named the Miami Herald Athlete-of-the-Year the past two years and by receiving a very exciting full scholarship to the University of Miami to play football and baseball.  Of his many athletic accolades, he loved being an Under Armour All-American and getting to play at Wrigley Field on national TV.  On January 3rd, he gets to play quarterback on national TV for the Semper-Fi Marine All-American game in Phoenix.

It is thrilling to see that Dave is the first to acknowledge God’s blessings and how hard he works to be a good steward of those gifts.  We don’t know what the future holds, but it sure is a fun ride.

JENN & ED…are not sure what to think about being empty-nesters coming this May.  We might actually have to start talking to each other again.  But as it turns out, Jenn is really nice to hang out with.  She seems to have found her niche as a school administrator being the elementary school principal at Westminster Christian in Miami.  She is very excited about the brand new elementary school building about to break ground.  She must be a tireless worker…because she is usually sound asleep by 9:30 each night.  Of course, she gets up at five every morning. Maybe that has something to do with it.  But don’t let her fool you, while she is a gifted administrator, her real job is being a mom and wife.  In that department, she has few peers.

I remain as LOGOI Ministries president and have started a second job as David’s agent…or so it seems.  Between the two, I get a better farmer’s tan in the agent job.  We have had a bitter sweet year for our family and LOGOI when Jesus determined it was time my Dad moved into his new permanent home.  It’s tough to lose your dad, mentor, boss, and best friend. We miss Dad terribly but are thrilled he’s getting to hang out with Moses, Abraham, Samson, Paul, and a host of others he’s been telling us about all these years.   A day has yet to go by when we haven’t heard from someone whose life was impacted by my dad.  He has left a wonderful legacy punctuated by a family he dearly loved and who dearly loved him.

With Abby graduating, David’s big decision regarding college and the draft, and Matt & Laura’s new life in California, 2012 should be another fun and interesting year for the Thompson family.  We are enjoying special times with Mom who is facing a new season of life with grace and joy…and as a brand new Great Grandma.  Although she has come close a couple of times, she has yet to get kicked out of one of David’s games with all her antics and bellows in the bleachers.  After all, what ref is going to toss a Great Grandma?

I miss my long talks with my Dad and never thought to ask him a question that is now running around in my head: Do they celebrate Christmas in Heaven?  These were the kinds of questions I loved to ask my Dad.  So, I now turn to my big brother, Dan, my new “resident” theologian.  I called him up and posed my question.  He thought a moment and even over the phone, I could see him smile.  He then said, “Ed, don’t you know?  The answer is, “Yes, every day!”

So from our house to yours, we hope you have a very blessed Christmas.


The Thompson Family

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