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I have PPED:

Post Presidential Election Depression.

It’s a very serious condition and not very pretty.

Apparently, an estimated 57,956,347 other Americans also suffer from PPED.  My doctor tells me it usually goes away in four years, but can sometimes last for up to eight years.  Cures and treatments vary greatly.   Looking at old Ronald Reagan photos may bring temporary relief, but sadly, it is just that–temporary.  Adding to the problem is most of the 57 plus million suffering from PPED have no idea how to get food-stamps, free cell phones, or even where the welfare office is.  Those who are not suffering from PPED will have to explain to us how to get those things.  And since the PPED crowd were raised to be self reliant and to “ask not what our country can do for us but  what we can do for our country,”  we’ll need advice on how best to flip that around.  I’d write more, but I’m too depressed.

If you have discovered any cures for PPED, please let me know.

This is what PPED looks like.  It’s not pretty.

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4 thoughts on “PPED

  1. Joy Backlund on said:

    Well, my dear nephew, I have a cure! Believe that God is in control ( I know you do), and that just like in the days of old, (Kings and Chronicles) , God will work ALL things out for His good. Sing, laugh, love……..enjoy what God has done and is doing. I love you! You make me laugh!

  2. Dan Thompson on said:

    Cheer up, it could be worse. We could have Joe Biden as president!

  3. Ed, I’m sending this to all my friend with PPED. My mother-in-law insists she is very nauseated—do you think she has it too?

  4. Lucy, there is no doubt your mother-in-law has PPED. Find a Ronald Reagan picture, quick. And Dan, yes, I do feel a bit better realizing things could be worse…now that you mention it. Joy: yes, there is no question God is in control. But as we are poignantly reminded in 1 Samuel when the children of Israel wanted a king so “they could be like the other nations,” sometimes God gives us what we ask for and lets us pay the consequences.

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