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The Ed Thompson 2012 Family Christmas Letter

I fondly remember a special family-time earlier this month. I was on “Dad’s sofa,” Jenn was curled up in her favorite spot on the other sofa, and Matt & Laura were cuddled up on another sofa. Abby was on a sofa that used to be a part of my favorite sofa, and David was sprawled out on the chaise lounge sofa making strange noises requiring periodic pumps of Febreze.  I couldn’t but help think, “That’s a lot of sofas.”

Of course, our sofas were spread out in several different zip codes, but Google+ chat brought all our sofas together enabling us to enjoy a nice family night together without any regard for time zones, distance, or Febreze.  What a world.  With all our social media outlets, sometimes it seems like the kids haven’t moved out at all…and their rooms stay much neater.  Even so, no matter how many Instagrams or Tweets, nothing compares to a real hug and smile.  So while we relish our “real time” together, here’s a quick review of our 2012.

Matt & Laura:  It was two years ago this month, Matt & Laura said “I do” and began their lives together.  Sadly, however, I must report that while they remain deeply in love, their home is tragically divided…at least for one Saturday during football season.  Matt, very wisely and properly, roots for the Miami Hurricanes while his beautiful and well meaning wife cheers for the Seminoles.  Yes, it’s very sad.

matt & LauraMatt is the Marketing Manager for the nation’s largest musical theater and youth training program: CMT San Jose.  As their graphic designer, videographer, print media creator, website designer, promoter, and marketer…he stays just a tad busy.  Laura, meanwhile, is the Online and Profile Support Representative for the Peak Travel Group, a corporate travel agency.

While her title may be hard to fit on a business card, the San Jose climate seems ideal for her love of running.  So while Matt encourages her from nearby Starbucks while sipping Frappuccinos and eating banana nut loaf slices, Laura tackles 5Ks, 10Ks, and half-marathons with ease.  While not at all opposed to using guilt-trips to try and coax them to move back to Miami, for now, they are making their home in Silicon Valley and truly enjoying the beautiful landscape.  They have found a great church and are making life-long friends.  Of course, if they really want to live there instead of in Miami where they can look after their aging parents, then I guess we’ll struggle along as best we can.

Abby: Not only is she stunningly gorgeous, she is smart, can cook, and thanks to a judo class, is quite capable of throwing you through a window.  Now, as a new FSU college graduate, she can join the tens of thousands of other graduates and start filling out job applications.  Her Exercise Science degree offers many different avenues to pursue, but working with autistic children remains a high interest.  Internships and then a Master’s Degree in Occupational Therapy are in her future.


To the chagrin of a host of would-be suitors, the only other male allowed in her life besides her Dad and brothers is her faithful wiener dog, Bentley: the world’s largest miniature Dachshund. Bentley would usually drive during their frequent trips back and forth from Tallahassee so Abby could catch up on sleep.

Actually, Abby did fall in love with two boys while she was at FSU; one was four and the other two.  Nanny Abby loved her part-time job caring for Rhett, Lucas, and little Ava, and they loved her back…they were even willing to move to Miami to be with her…as long as their mom and dad could tag along.  Daddy Ed, however, can hardly stop grinning now that Abby is back home while she navigates to the next phase of her adventurous life.  This is especially true because every time she leaves, I fuss, and cry, and pout until she comes back home again.

David:  Back on National Signing Day (Feb. 1), David eagerly committed to the University of Miami to play both football and baseball.  All he had to do to get there was say “No” to the New York Yankees who had a second round draft pick with his name on it…which he did. They went ahead and drafted him in the 38th round anyway, but by then, he was already taking classes at “The U” and studying the enormous Hurricane football playbook.

David hitting-UM 2

All was going well until an MRI revealed a torn labrum in his right (throwing) arm.  Sitting in Coach Al Golden’s office along with head baseball coach Jim Morris late in June, Coach Golden said, “Let’s get you ready for baseball.”  As Coach Morris tried to hide his grin, our admiration and respect for coach Golden grew immeasurably. Three days later, he began the recovery process from shoulder surgery which took him completely out of football before the season began…a medical redshirt. Even so, he attended every practice and meeting and now knows the playbook cover-to-cover.  Meanwhile, with a lot of hard work including daily rehab and therapy, he should be fully recovered and ready to go when the baseball season begins in February.

David ended his high school athletic career with a rather impressive resume.  He now owns the Florida career record with 55 home runs and was an Under Armour All-American playing third base and batting third in a nationally televised game at Wrigley Field in Chicago.  He was also a Semper-Fi Marine All-American QB playing in another national televised game at Chase Field in Phoenix, Arizona. To top it off, he became the first three-time Athlete-of-the-Year winner in the Miami Herald’s 55-year history of the award.  All this while maintaining his high-honor roll status at Westminster Christian.  Not bad.  Yes, I know what you’re thinking, and yes, he is my son.  Thankfully, most of him is full of Jenn’s genes.  But now, he starts all over again and must earn his positions at a much more difficult and competitive level.  Needless to say, we’re cheering him on.

Ed & Jenn:  This year, we both turned 49…again. Amazingly, however, Jenn has more energy than most 20-year-olds.  She’s like that old Marine slogan, “We do more by 9am than most people do all day.”  That slogan just made me want to take a nap. Jenn is overseeing a complete elementary school makeover at Westminster Christian.  The old classrooms and buildings were knocked down and the new buildings are going up.  She organized everyone into portables for this school year and under her direction, everything seems to be proceeding like clockwork. And yes, she does do more by 9am than I do all day.  She also looks very cute in a hardhat.


Meanwhile, I continue my work here at LOGOI Ministries where I usually arrive by 9am.  One fun project we’ll be unveiling in 2013 is becoming the Spanish voice of Steve Brown’s popular You Think About That 60 second radio spots.  LOGOI continues to help, equip, and encourage thousands of Spanish pastors each month and it blows my mind that God would let me be a part.  We put a pretty cool letter together from one of my Dad’s favorite Christmas sermons that will be a great encouragement to you if you’ll read it: The Best Christmas Gifts…Ever!”  You can even make a Christmas ornament out of it.

We wish you a very Merry Christmas!

Ed, Jenn, Matt, Laura, Abby, & David

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One thought on “The Ed Thompson 2012 Family Christmas Letter

  1. You write such wonderful letters, you make me smile and wish I knew you better. But east coast/west coast relatives have a little problem!!! Merry Christmas Ed and Jenn!!!

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