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About Ed


“Hardly anyone knows this, but I’m really quite famous.”

I write, speak, help people laugh, and sing a little. But I do have a day-job as the President of LOGOI Ministries–founded by my dad back in 1968. Dad is now hanging out with Jesus and left the day-to-day LOGOI responsibilities to me. Dad loved life almost as much as he loved Jesus and I’m trying to do the same.

I’ve performed my “Ed”ertainment music and comedy concerts in just about every state in the U.S., wrote a humor column for a Miami newspaper, won a nationwide singing contest and have over 30 songs on iTunes…which appear to be some sort of secret. Three singles from my “Beautiful Feet” CD made Christian Radio & Retails Top 100 Global Spins (2009) with almost 900,000 combined radio “spins.” It was exciting to see my “Beautiful Feet” single remain a top 30 inspirational radio hit for over 32 weeks and “Free Man” for over 27 weeks.

I have a popular YouTube video (search “solo trumpet duet”) and dozens of my humorous parenting articles have been published in newspapers and magazines. My book, “Monkeys in My Coconut Tree” was a 2016 International Book Awards Silver Medal Winner and I’ve now embarked on writing a series of true children’s stories inspired by people and events from LOGOI’s ministry. Oh, I once ate a Brussel Sprout (it was an accident).

As Ruth Graham so wisely stated, I too, am “under construction.” So please be patient. Some of us just need a lot more work. One day, construction will be complete and I will get to move into my new home where every tear will be wiped away and every day will be the most exciting, best day of my life…forever! So I have that going for me.

One thought on “About Ed

  1. Marena B on said:

    Dear Ed:
    I’m the lady from RI who used to live next door to Carolyn’s brother, Paul Backlund. It was a pleasure to find all the wedding dresses in Kathy’s honor and send them to LOGOI. I hope to find more. Today at work, I looked up the LOGOI blog and showed them to a visitor at work who talked about being a Christian. It was a nice way to visit and introduce others to you and your work. We have four children and covet your prayers. God bless you and thank you.

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